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When I was in Vienna earlier in the year I was impressed with the several cutlery shops I saw. Haven't seen shops like that in the UK for decades. Sold Swiss Army knives, Opinel, carving knives, hairdressers scissors etc etc etc. Lovely.
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Saw Millets was having a decent sale and got a SAK Waiter to replace the one I've mislaid, and a Leatherman Micra. The latter really is weeny - it will probably mostly live in a bag pocket, but would happily fit on a keyring.


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Not being a fan of sporks, I have a set of stainless steel cutlery for camping that slots together into a holder that looks like it should double as a tin opener. I've never used the tin opener part so don't know how well it works – I'm unlikely to use tins on camp and in any case have a tin opener on my SAK. As cutlery it works every bit as well as anything you have at home, but it is quite heavy. So I was quite pleased to find a set of ultralight "aerospace alloy" aluminium cutlery, with no tin opener but a miniature carabiner to hold it all together. Upon opening the packet, I was slightly less impressed; everything's light and sharp but, of course, ultralight means a little bit flexy. Still an awful lot better than a spork though.
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I made these when I was an apprentice Blacksmith