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So what's wrong with his ears?

At least shaving his bikini line is kinder than waxing it.  Tell him I said so.
A bit too much wax and probably knotty hair.
I could do a stripe down his back and make him look like a giant skunk!  8)  :demon:

Alsation - is the new Brazilian!   ;)

Re: Indi GSD.
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Indi has seen the vet again, waxy ear, and the drops are working. So are the calming drugs we gave him earlier he's stoned man!  8) One more trip in a fortnight and another load of "legal" high for him.

Remember kids just no!  :hand:

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I've fenced off a section of garden to keep Indi away from the Vicious Killer Attack Tortoise, aka Harry, and vice versa!
Now that they are separated the torts have most of the garden again and Indi has his piece. It hasn't stopped Indi barking and howling at the torts when they get too close to the fence or when VKAT attacks humans in his domain.
Should VKAT ever make to Indi's side there will be DETH but I wouldn't place money on who would be the survivor!  :o