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@Deano has launched his 'North of England SR600' on this thread: with a loverly montage of all the photocontrols.

(hey, wait til bunbury see this one!)

The image is all of the photo controls you'll need to gather along the route - it's the same deal as the other Super Randonnée 600s.

I always fancied one of these, but it felt a bit indulgent to travel so far when there are plenty of hills down up the road. So here it is, starting and finishing in Hexham, which has decent, bike-friendly train services from the East Coast at Newcastle, or from the West Coast at Carlisle, and access to plenty of hills.

Randonneur option (60 hours):
Tourist option (72 hours):
And the route for both is here:

It's fair to say it owes a lot to some other local organisers - Joe Applegarth's laney routes around the North Pennines, some of Dave Atkinson's Dales rides (I fell in love with Hartlington Raikes on his 200  - not the climb, it's an evil sod, but what a name) Chris Crossland's rides around the South Pennines and Dales, and not to forget the late, much-missed Don Black's rides. I think I first rode the Wycoller-Hebden Bridge road on one of Don's perms. Everything else, you can blame on me.

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Copying Will's comment across to this thread.
21 controls max!! which include the start & finish; this has been updated, it was 18 when I formulated mine. Start & finish can be independent of each other. Out and back discouraged but allowed. 619km max. 10,000m on openrunner minimum - this behaves differently to RWGPS, it isn't just a multiplier, I think OR under-reads small variances but I could be wrong.

Full details in part 2:

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My advice, plan in Google Maps Walking (RWGPS). Aim for 11,000m or close to. Export GPX. Upload to OpenRunner.
This ^^^. Works well. Interesting the different effects on RwGPS climb and OR climb assessments on different types of terrain (eg the glens and passes of Scotland, the scenery of mid and north Wales, and the scenic moors and myriad of small valleys in the West Country). Others on here will know the detailed reasons for that.
In Wales Cambrian 6C -
608.7 kilometers · +10,766 m (RwGPS)
609.9 km, 10289 m in OR

I've also done a detailed contour count - which comes out at 11,200 to 11,300m ascent.  Feedback from riders is that GPS devices on the actual event record between 11,500 and 12,000m.  I do warn people that OR and contour count figures are usually 10 - 15% lower than what a Garmin will actually record in the Uk.
Copying CET's reply onto this 'general' SR600 thread.
I don't doubt that the Cambrian 6C has plenty of climb, though I only made it to Denbigh: 7450m in 430km - and another 180k+3600m of climb and descent to crack . . . next time.
I'm just saying that the nature of terrain seems to make a difference, as opposed to OR always showing less.