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Re: Spelling that makes you cringe
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It was flutist until the victorians changed the spelling.

Thanks for the history, Davef, it is much appreciated.

For anyone here who is over 119 years old, I apologise if I upset you.


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Re: Spelling that makes you cringe
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Some fun ones today:
A piece of paper worth a certain sum of money when paid into a bank was a check, which I could almost forgive, seeing as the writer was Usanian* – but only almost, as they'd been specifically instructed to use UK spellings – if it hadn't been a cheque in the previous sentence.
Goods being delivered might or might not arrive "in tact".
But best of all, trucks leaving a warehouse might pass over a way bridge. I was rather disappointed to find the document listing their goods was not, however, a weigh bill.

* One of the trucks suffered a burst tire.
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