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Cat & sticky tape on boxes
« on: September 24, 2010, 02:52:05 pm »
Generally, when I have stuff delivered from online stores I just put the box down in the spare room or living room for the cats to play with.  This seems to be more successful than buying toys for them ever has been.  Their favourite play items are: cardboard boxes, a chain of beads designed to be Xmas decorations, and the ring-pulls of soya milk cartons.  My cats will actually root through the bin for milk carton tops and ring-pulls.

The boxes tend not to last more than 3-4 weeks, as they scratch  the crap out of them and shove their heads through the sides/bottom (they are big sturdy cats - Maine Coons and a bengal), so they get a new one quite regularly from Amazon or Wiggle.

The only issue is that Allegro is very very keen on sellotape.  Every box is greeted with several hours of chewing all the tape off the box.  She also likes any glued packaging. Self-adhesive envelopes are a favourite - she will lick all the glue off the envelope completely.  She's keen on plastic packaging too, expecially if it has glued edges, but I'm more wary of that in case she actually eats the plastic.

What is the collective opinion on tape chewing and glue licking?  She's not eating it, just chewing/licking it.  She's not the sharpest tool in the shed by any means, and I suspect if she were human she'd be the kid in the back of the class eating glue.  Is it going to do damage?  Should I be removing all the tape off any boxes that I give them?