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"proximity" on waypoints
« on: January 31, 2011, 02:01:38 pm »
Etrex Legend HCx   - bought on the advice of the collected wisdom of this forum some time ago.
Using Andy Gates' Munky mapping.

Started off just using tracks that I created in Bikehike (easiest for me as have been using OS mapping for more decades than I care to admit to)

Further reading on here revealed the benefit of having a track on the roads I wanted to use and a route (route being set to transparent - and "navigated" off-road) especially for audaxes

Don't use the "jwo" method - still prefer to first create tracks in bikehike, save a local copy, open it in mapsource, add numbered waypoints to correspond with audax route-sheet instructions and create "route" from that.

Only thing I've noticed is that unit "beeps" and backlight comes on about 50 mtrs (sometimes less) from the waypoint... which is OK except at speed downhill in the dark.   Would much prefer it at 100 mtrs, or even more.   Can I change this as a general rule on the unit itself - or do I have to change the proximity range for each waypoint in mapsource or somewhere?

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Re: "proximity" on waypoints
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Yes you can change it as a global setting in the GPS, but incidentally don't confuse this with proximity as in a 'Proximity Waypoint' which is a special thing (and possibly useful for up-coming Info Controls, but not much else unless you happen to be navigating a minefield).

The setting is in an odd place (aren't they all) it's to be found in the Routes page (NB not Routing Setup).
Then it's the Menu button (ie bottom L-H button) and 'Off Road Transition', take it off 'Auto' (the default, works for me ;- ) and set a distance.

If you ever want to set Proximity for an individual waypoint you can do it either in Mapsource or in the GPS - on the GPS you would open a Waypoint, again use the Menu button, and then 'Set Proximity'.
On some units (depends on software version I think) you can also set the global Proximity Waypoint beeps to only fire on approach, and not a 2nd time on leaving (very annoying).  That's in the Tones Setup menu.
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Re: "proximity" on waypoints
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Top Man !  Thank you.

Re: "proximity" on waypoints
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Yes, thanks FF. I've never found that setting. I presume "auto" takes account of your speed which would seem like the logical setting. I've occasionally tried to set it in bikehike (there's an option on the download page) but I've never established whether that makes any difference. Probably not because there doesn't seem to be any such parameter attached to the coursepoints once one opens the download in mapsource and I can't see anything within the downloaded gpx or whatever.