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Similar to the Atkins diet? Didn't dr Atkins die obese and with a heart attack? Doesn't keto diet fly in the face of decades of medical nutritional advice? Do the boffins now advise this diet for some people now?

I've got a few things I live with that diet change could help.  IBS (AKA the gp hasn't a clue and wants to move on to the next patient) and migraines. Really I need help but things being as they are I'm not going to get any so the keto might be interesting to me.

Up front I don't like diets. Eat healthily and exercise, do that and I always believe you shouldn't need a diet. Plus the low carb diets scream quackery to me. Wherever I've missed out carbs I have no energy.

At the weekends sheer laziness often means breakfast is 3 or 4 scrambled eggs. I find without at least 2 slices of buttered toast as well I'm shaking with low energy before lunch. I struggle to see how you can get enough energy from fat if you're active.

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Super early days, but I started on a keto diet last Sunday...I had migraine Monday and since then, nada.  Had a couple of warning signs, but ignored them and they turned out to be nothing.
While weightloss was the primary reason, I was also keen to try it because there's some suggestion that it can help with chronic migraines and so far so good?.
I'm just reading a New Scientist article about keto helping with migraines (24 aug, prior to recycling).
74% of people had less than half the normal number of migraine affected days while on a keto diet, it says.
About double the best alternative drugs, though short term so far.

Is that what prompted your choice?
If my migraines had been reduced to just a half, I would still be non-functional. Walking with a stick, not able to drive. Frequency was 5-10 times a day with multiple side effects.

The 'best drug', once we'd found the one (and dosage) that worked, reduced the incidence to a few times a month, and reduced the 'power' of the migraine.

Migraine is a term covering multiple neurological conditions and articles like that in the New Scientist draw no distinction between the types of condition. Doesn't help people really.
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Didn't dr Atkins die obese and with a heart attack?
Tripped over a paving slab and bashed his head, iirc
No walking helmet worn  ;).

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Yes he died after falling but there was mistakenly leaked medical records that said he had heart problems and arterial issues.  The records had a weight that puts him in three clinically obese status. The Atkins lobby defend him with as much vigour as those opposing him. His good name is worth $100 million apparently so good reason to defend that. However when the most vigorous opponents come from vegetarian lobby. Not exactly trustworthy neither imho.

Anyway, all irrelevant to me. I think I've not got the temperament to do a diet. I eat what I need to eat and nothing more. It's why I've always been within ideal BMI limits and with a waistline that is 32 to 34" . For someone my size that's good.  I've got energy for what I need energy for.

IBS is just a tag for digestive tract issues that have no obvious cause. In my case I've never found out what causes it other than pork (bacon,  sausages and salamis are ok). Every time I think I've worked out something else i then go through a period when it stops affecting me. FODMAP  is something I might get around to doing. I'd prefer to do it through medical guidance. One gp gave me the recommendation to try increasing fibre intake then if that didn't work she'd consider sending me to a nutritionist.  It didn't work and made me a lot worse. Or something made it worse that coincided with taking soluble fibre products.

Right now it's better. I only have a bloating every other week. Most nights after dinner I'm windy. A whole evening of it. It's not bloating me though so no discomfort other than knowing you're as polluting as a cow on a diet of baked beans! I'm no longer embarrassed by it when among family though.

Sorry for the crudeness.

As to low carb diets,  whether they work for you or not they're a commitment. You have to do it right to get such things to work. Does anyone actually do it strictly all the time? It's probably a very restrictive diet.

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Isn't this better served in the 2 other keto threads?