Author Topic: Being judged by what you drive.  (Read 2011 times)


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Being judged by what you drive.
« on: February 10, 2011, 10:26:32 pm »
Well, in a more positive light...

Very nice but batshit insane recovery truck driver last night sez "At last, a young couple driving a real city car" in reference to our beausaged R-plate 1.0L Micra. "There's nothing quite like driving a car nobody in their right mind would shuffle off with that's the right size to park somewhere and drives good and those little things get fucking brilliant milage and you can always patch them up with cheap parts they seem to like it better than the real thing and don't even get me started on those bloody new golf owners they're almost as bad as bloody new focus owners you know the type young and with loans the size of my house and a kid on the way that don't even yer, suese, I'm driving mate ashy are you even ringing me I've picked them up and am taking them back home poor fears were freezing how's my car coming along I swear it shoulda been fixed by now anyway got to go coz I'm driving these guys and the trucks brakes are doing that thing again so, yeah don't even get me started on focus owners I've got an MG myself a new one and it's computer has conked out so it won't start 160brake though so it's a bit of a handful but I don't even know why I bought it even though it's lovely..." and so on!!!