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Interesting tandem trike on CTC Forum
« on: March 04, 2011, 08:12:28 pm »
Esteemed tandemists, on the CTC forum there is an interesting Ken Rogers tandem trike for sale for £150. Yes £150. I have seen some more detailed photos and it is a unisex one wheel drive tandem trike with non cartridge bottom brackets, cotter pins et all. The front of the frame looks o.k ,  there are 2 Brooks saddles and a single sided drivetrain. On the bad side the frame is ratty at the back and it probably needs a re spray. Situated in Hampshire it is being sold by a man who is clearing hi grandfathers house. He wants it to go and it really is £150.

Having debated it's merits it is not for me but it deserves a good home and some love. I pondered whether to refer to the other forum but as I said it needs a good home and it really is only £150
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