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The going round in circles thread
« on: April 21, 2011, 10:55:17 pm »
A thread in Racing for track racing..

Tonight I was at the track with Noodley for a novice session. It was a while since I had ridden the track so this was a refresher for me. I think it was the first time he had given it a go.

Caird Park is a 400m tarmac velodrome in need of relaying - it is a wee bit lumpy in places.

After some pack riding drills, bike handling drills and through and off drills it was time to test ourselves against the clock with a flying lap. For Noodley this would mean a PB - for me, well it was three years since I last rode a track bike. Well, I picked up a PB of 34.28s, second fastest on the night so I was well chuffed.

Then it was time to test ourselves against each other with a 20 lap (5 mile) scratch race. The first two laps were a grouping lap, the 20 laps then started. I was on the front with Tom and we kept the pace rather sedate for the first few laps to see if anyone would get bored and attack.

In the end I got bored and attacked to spice things up a bit. After a lap I looked back, pulled up on the banking and discovered we had a break of four (me, Noodley, Tom and Lee(?)) with about a 50m gap. Game on. Through and off tryign to build a lead as the field behind was shredded. Lee had set the fastest flying lap earlier at about 32.95 so was definitely on form.
Through and off, the laps start coming down. I thought we might have a concerted effort that would pick us up but it seemed we had got four of the fittest in the break.

Half distance. I think that was where we lost Noodley. Tom hadn't got this half lap and switch thing so was putting in too much effort (impressively he was in baggies, toeclips and straps.)
And so there were 2 with 5 laps to go. Lee was definitely the faster and fitter so with two laps out I sat on his wheel instead of changing through. He didn't like that and suckered me into leading as we took the bell. I eased back to get a bit of oxygen back into my legs but to no avail as when he attacked on the back straight I had nothing left to pick up the pace so rolled over for a satisfying second place. Race time about 13.45.

Good evening, lots of fun if a bit chilly. Be back next week for some more.

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Re: The going round in circles thread
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We went round in circles at caird park.

Mr Noodley

track_DSC_5846 by davidmamartin, on Flickr


track_DSC_5970 by davidmamartin, on Flickr

and a load of others..

track_DSC_5869 by davidmamartin, on Flickr

Good fun was had by all - even those who were reminded by friends of Mr Newton that continuing to pedal is a prerequisite for maintaining an appropriate distance from the tarmac were quite cheerful by the end. Various games and sprints - bit more wind so flying 400 time was down (and I didn't ride it as well.) 5 up sprint was a bit complex - got out of position and stood not a hope from there on in.
"By creating we think. By living we learn" - Patrick Geddes