Author Topic: Some pro teams are now using clinchers !! - Gotta be good for us too  (Read 5057 times)

All of my racing was done on tubs, the best of which were Clements, now probably no longer trading.  

The sound of Clement No. 1 Seta Extras on a concrete road at 140psi was awe inspiring!

They made a nice sound on wooden boards too........

and then there was the 'ping' when you gave them a flick with your finger after you'd finished pumping them up.

I think I may have assisted you with producing the "ping" at some point  8)

PS - speaking as a purist and an anorak - silk for hard tracks, cotton for wood. Clement Sei Giorni were superb on wood.

I've never raced, but in my limited experience, tubs offer superior performance and ride. For a given tyre-pressure, I think that tubs give a better natural suspension effect to the road.

It's not the tyres, it's the rims. Sprint rims are a shallow box section and are innately more flexible, clinchers have a deeper section to accept the bead, so they flex less.