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Wiggins video from
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At the end he even welcomes Cav coming to Sky next year  ;D
Smoke and mirrors I reckon.

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He comes across very well. I hope he makes the podium, it would be a fantastic achievement.

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He has a similar colouring to me. One of the symptoms of stress in fair skinned and Auburn haired people is marks on the bridge of the nose and nearby. Initially the two marks above his eyebrows look like squint marks, but they are a burgundy colour, the slight crack in his voice sounds a bit stressed too.
I'd go for him starting well, but losing sleep under pressure and fading. He looks a bit like Cadel Evans for cracking up. Too much weight of expectation, it needs Jonathan Vaughters to control that.

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I googled for Stress Marks and got a post from the Livestrong Foundation, so Lance has the answer to Brad's anxieties. Probably pharmaceutical.
How To Get Rid Of Marks From Stress | LIVESTRONG.COM

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Agree, but hopefully he has learnt from his experiences last year and will be able to control his inner chimp.  Interesting that he said his coaching team has changed?