Author Topic: Where's the 'modify' button gone?  (Read 1494 times)


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Where's the 'modify' button gone?
« on: November 19, 2011, 10:32:53 am »
Can't we have a fighting warlords stage first, just to clear the decks?  :)
You don't go into P&OBI much, do you?  We've gone way beyond that and now have a superpower-sponsored and deeply corrupt puppet administration subject to constant attacks by a fundamentalist band of rebels who can retreat to, and are probably funded by, a neighbouring board.
I steal into P&OBI at dead of night. I select my arms from the cache of invective left for me by a small band of comrades whose faces I never see. I take out my target with surgical precision, then retreat into the place where the wild things are. Silently, with not so much as a vroom, I am on the road. Minutes later I am drinking and laughing in the pub, where none know my nom de guerre. These are private matters and I do not discuss them even with my closest friends.