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Southwark Cyclists website
« on: July 10, 2008, 07:32:02 pm »
I've been asked indirectly by Southwark Cyclists to see if I know anyone who can help  - so I thought I'd throw it to the floor here......

Their regular webmaster  is about  to stand down / get married  / move out of the area - they're seeking someone to take on the mantle of looking after their website.
SC do loads and loads of successful campaigning for cyclists, Dr.Bike, social rides, get-novices-into-cycling-type rides, amongst many other things.
Although less so these days, I cycled many a mile with them a couple of years ago, when I returned to cycling.
It'd be a shame if their site was to fall over for the reason of being in need of a little feeding, watering and some TLC.

To quote Barry Mason from said site:
"...Our website looks great but the software behind it is old and creaky.
The site needs migrating over to new software, a really good
spring-clean, and freed up so a passworded few of us can add rides etc
direct too...."

If anyone is interested, or thinks they know someone who might be, in undertaking this please contact me or Barry directly on 07905 889 005.



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And you get to work on The Real Dun Run website...
And Darkness and Decay and the Coronavirus held illimitable dominion over all.