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Re: The Ski Locker thread
« Reply #625 on: March 04, 2019, 10:43:59 pm »
He should be doing it as the last run of the day when it's all iced up  ;D

Re: The Ski Locker thread
« Reply #626 on: March 05, 2019, 09:14:52 am »
Strava says my fastest on Face is 5:54 but I was skiing with someone slower than me then and it was never that nice snow (excuses, excuses).

Looking back it seems I'd snuck in early on some newly created segments:-

Off to Flims/Laax in just over two weeks.

With. No. Children.

Can. Not. Wait.
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Re: The Ski Locker thread
« Reply #627 on: March 29, 2019, 02:14:26 pm »
Ouch! A week ago Monday I was standing on the edge of an icy mogul on the a steep section of the Bois De L'Ours black piste in Les Arc.  I decided to turn.  Moved my weight on to my upslope right leg. My right ski slips down the mogol hits my left ski and all the sudden I am standing on nothing. I land on my right arm.  I pause to consider what had just happened and ski down to the Mammottes lift and take Chalets piste back to my residence in Arc 2000.

I decided not to ski on Monday afternoon over concern over my arm. On Tuesday I find it very painful to put on a T-Shirt. So I decend to Arc 1950 because there is no longer a doctor Arc 2000.  Wait a couple of hours then after a few hours waiting and four x-rays it is concluded that I do not have a broken arm just a contusion. In the Afternoon I take the navette to Arc 1600. There is no longer a pharmacy in Arc 2000/1950. Fill my prescription on Lamoline and Ketoprofane.

Wednesday I continue my brillliant ski holiday.  I only took 2 Lamoline so I am not addicted to opioids.

Back now. Arm still hurts.


Re: The Ski Locker thread
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OK, it's an ad, but this is the best Candide Thovex  yet

Sometimes I wonder about that memory stuff between my ears...