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Re: Stopping smoking: when?
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I think I am at the stage where I can either stop soon or I might as well carry on for the rest of my days.

I keep hoping for some stand-out date but they all pass by in a haze of Marlboro smoke.

How did the ex-smokers among you pick a date for an attempt?

Mid 1970's and Denis Healey was Chancellor and he put cigarettes up to 10/- for 20. My gross earnings were £100 a week and it was obvious I couldn't afford to smoke.
I worked in a large workshop and about a dozen of us were smokers and you passed your packet of cigarettes around about once a day. I stopped buying them and it took a couple of weeks before anybody realised I wasn't passing any cigs around. When challenged I told them I had given up smoking. There was a heated discussion about definitions of giving up but I was smoking half of what I had been and not smoking before or after work. I'd also got out the habit of buying them. That day I stopped completely because the tight sods left me out of the passing the fags around  :) I haven't smoked since.
Never knowingly under caffeinated