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I emailed Carradice last week and asked if they could make me a vegan version of their new lightweight audax bags by removing the leather patch. The answered informing me that there where other parts other than the patch that where leather but could make a vegan one by replacing the parts. A few days later my invoice is paid and I'm awaiting my new custom bag. Good, quick service.


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I have a QR bagman and wanted to buy the non-qr block. Rang them up to enquire about price and they offered to send me it for free. Top service!

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Crashed hard a few weeks ago and realised that I'd broken the wooden dowel in the back of my Nelson saddlebag.
I dropped a line to Margaret enquiring as to the replacement cost.

A new one arrived in the post this morning.

Carradice continue to amaze me with their customer service.


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Anyone buying a piece from Birdsong will come face to face with its maker. The London social enterprise label, which majors on statement tees and classic shifts, puts photographs of the women (they are all women) who cut, sew, embroider or knit the clothes on its labels.
From a Guardian fashion article about "innovative small labels at the cutting edge of ethical fashion". And Carradice have been doing almost exactly this for (how long? when did they start signing each item?)...
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