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The Grumble Thread - no energy for a full on rant
« on: March 09, 2012, 04:14:21 pm »
The New New Street Station Molishing Team
New Street Station

Dear The Molishing Team

I have noticed of late that most of your molishing is currently being carried out to the external area of the NW corner of the station.  It is good to see the progress being made here.  Only yesterday from my window, I noticed that a large crane was brought in to lift a large random object, put it down in a place that looked suitable for having things put down in, and then later in the day pick it up again and put it back where it had been earlier.  Wonderful stuff.  Keep it up!
However, on my lunchtime walk today, I noticed that there are areas much further away from here where molishing, although yet incomplete, seems to have come to a halt.
Might I suggest that some members of your team could be more effectively employed over there?  I would suggest, and hope, that you might agree that it would be a good idea to send over Head of ‘itting Fings Wiv a ‘ammer.  I’ve checked and there is ample evidence of fings that could be ‘it over there.  Also the Pointlessly picking up Scaff Poles and then Noisily Throwing Them Down Again Team ought to be very useful in this other location.

Yours etc
The Bloke with a bloody headache by the window.

PS.  I’m not the bloke who occasionally shouts out of the 4th floor window “Get on with it, you bastards.  Where’s my new bloody station?”
No – That’s just someone who looks like me.