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Re: Old Photos
« Reply #75 on: 09 June, 2014, 09:55:13 pm »
One from the Museum of London:

P6064930 by TJ Clarion, on Flickr

Although it's a bit hard to see, as I was shooting in low light, the only thing moving fast enough to have motion blur in the photo is, of course,the bike
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Re: Old Photos
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Seen on Twitter , a firefighters bike.
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Re: Old Photos
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Seen on Twitter , a firefighters bike.

Nah..just emergency Rim-Tape.
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Re: Old Photos
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Nowadays a crow bar in a holster like that would see a very different use entirely.

Re: Old Photos
« Reply #79 on: 01 September, 2017, 08:41:38 am »
Today's National Library of Ireland flickr photo is rather splendid.

On a bicycle made for three by National Library of Ireland on The Commons, on Flickr

Splendid photo, indeed, but two details struck me:

1) The front chain is a bit slack,

2) Judging by the huge chainring, the machine was probably designed to ride at incredible speed!