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Week 3 of my Couch to 5k completed. So far so good.

I am noticing some discomfort across the tops of my feet. What could be causing that? My shoes do not seem too tight, and they are the sock type of running shoe so fairly stretchy anyway.  The discomfort (mild) is mostly midway along the first metatarsal. I'd accept it as normal if it had just been during my first few runs, but it seems to be persisting.

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Good work!

No idea on the tightness thing although it might be worth reading the shoelace site as there's a load of stuff there about how the different lacing methods affect the pressure on the foot.

Am pretty much done with C25K myself now, I think today should have been a 25 minute run (with 5 minute walking bookends). Swapped it round today and rode a hire bike to Lots Road and then ran in 6km from there. That's the first proper run of 5km or more (i.e. no walking) for over 6 months and I'm happy with no pain/discomfort in the ankle. (The real test will be skiing next week.)
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I’ll try loosening things off even more on my next run to try to exclude that as a cause. It may just be my feet getting used to unaccustomed activity of course. Heart and lungs wise I could run further but at the same time I can detect that the rest of me needs time.


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i ran the 9km run this saturday with no prior training for a year, except riding bikes. i was pleased about the pace (4:15), however was hit with the most severe doms. i don't feel that i've got myself injured, but three days later the pain is really bad, i walk in small steps like an "old man" and walking down the stairs is quite a challenge.

(for my own record) doms subsided after about six days however tendons/ligaments in my feet and knees took three weeks to heal. i'll start doing some running every now and then, just to keep my body used to this type of exercise.

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Week 4, run 1 this morning.

Not so good. Ran according to the programme ok, but had pain on the outside of the right hip this time, gluteus medius. It’s easing off a bit now. That pain started right at the start of my run, along with a tight right hamstring. Something clearly not quite right on the right hand side! Also, mild non limiting pain just behind the top of the kneecap, doesn’t get better or worse when running. Is there a recognisable ailment there? ITB?

Another thing: when I last pulled something, it was the gluteus maximus on that side. Again, it was an early Sunday morning run. On both occasions I have been at a pilates class the day before and done more arduous than usual glute stuff. On both occasions I have had some DOMS from the day before.

A lesson there I think.

Onwards. On the plus side, my feet don’t hurt. I suspect heavily padded stretchy sock type uppers spread the loads so evenly that it’s easy not to notice that your laces are too tight.