Author Topic: How to stop a blank page being printed when I print envelopes in Word 2003  (Read 722 times)


Whenever I set up a pre-printed envelope using the envelope wizard in Word 2003, a blank page always gets printed as well. I assume that Word thinks (incorrectly) that I would always type a letter on this page, but I don't do this.

Is there a way to stop this extra page being printed? Nothing I've tried so far has worked

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Dunno about Word 2003, but in my experience there are lots of programs that seem to generate an obligatory blank page when you print, especially when its a single-page document - I know its tiresome but my fix is to always select 'page 1' in the print dialog when it pops up (the default is 'all').
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In true forum style i shall not answer your question. What I do is not use the envelope wizard but create a doc with paper size the same as my envelope and same orientation. Open the doc. enter the addres, load the printer, print.