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Rutland - Melton Cicle Classic
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That was rough - I think 14 finished (although there were a few stragglers so it could have been 20) out of 155. Endura won the team prize due to being able to keep 3 in the race.

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I am not surprised at the high dropout rate.

I was watching at Owston.  It was truly dismal weather and the riders looked more and more bedraggled with every pass through the village.  I believe that the organisers had to add some distance with diversions to avoid impassable fords but then took mercy on the survivors and cut back some of the later stages.

One poor competitor who didn't speak much English was getting quite confused - he stopped and asked where the feed station was.  When he was shown the shortest route he set off in the opposite direction then stopped and shouted at the top of his voice: "Help me - I am dying".  I think that he was escorted back to the village hall to warm up.