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Tandem(s) in the Bourgoigne...
« on: May 07, 2012, 08:43:54 pm »
We are staying on the Chateau de l'Eperviere campsite, a bit south of Chalon sur Soane from 26 Aug to 5 Sept. Planning to explore the area including some of the vineyards, the Abbe de Cluny, etc. Any other tandems (in particular) fancy coming???

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We live not so far away from there, roughly between Corbigny and Nevers. There are plenty of very nice rides to do in the Morvan especially around the Lac des Settons. It
will be a pleasure for us to have a tandem ride with you, just drop me an email. The place is full of short but steep hills, make sure you have low enough gears!


Re: Tandem(s) in the Bourgoigne...
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Hi Alain
Sorry for the tardy reply.  :-[  Been a bit tied up with OU exams and then two long weekends away which almost rolled into one another so haven't been on the board recently.

It would be great to go for a pootle with you whilst we are in your area. Our gears are pretty good for hills as we have a Rohloff hub but sometimes the engine flags a little. Nevertheless, we do seem to make a habit of getting round 'tandem unfriendly' Audax events even though we aren't far inside the limit so hills are not too scary... we just take our time.  :thumbsup: Anyway, I'll send you a pm with our email address and dates etc and we'll see if we can fit in with your plans / commitments.

Best wishes