Author Topic: A40 between Carmarthen and St.Clear's: is there a cyclepath?  (Read 603 times)

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Am I right in thinking that there is a fairly recently built cyclepath on the north edge of the A40 dual carraigeway for the first 5ive or so kilometres west of Carmarthen, between Johnstown and east of Sarnau at the junction with the B4298?

I know there is a cyclepath on the south edge of the A40 for the last two kilometres into St.Clear's, this being part of NCR 4. The latter is shown on but the former is not.

If the Johnstown - Sarnau cyclepath does exist, then the loop of former A40 (pre dual carriageway) from Sarnau to Bancyfelin provides a logical continuation westards. This would then leave only the intervening two kilometres between the end of the former A40 and the NCR 4 cyclepath to create a far less hilly alternative to the long and frequently steep NCR on road route from Carmathen to St.Clears.

Anyone got recent experience of this stretch of A40?

The smaller gears (now 12 and 15 - not so small any more...) fancy cycling from Llanelli to Tenby. I've plotted a 50-odd mile route that uses bits of NCR 4 but which takes a more direct and less hilly line in a number of areas. The problematic stretch is Carmarthen to St.Clear's.