Author Topic: Bloody Horses, warning a bit gory  (Read 762 times)

Bloody Horses, warning a bit gory
« on: June 09, 2012, 04:58:09 pm »
This a carry on from the bad news thread,

right this is what I found yesterday evening when I was turning some of the others out,
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the gunk on the right of the wound was thought to be joint fluid, very very serious and expensive to put right,
but he is standing with weight on that leg so after a bit of finger prodding and flushing it has been decided by better people than myself that the joint capsule is intact and there is hopefully no infection in the joint itself, so Po is now on box rest and antibiotics with a bit of walking in hand to keep the swelling in check, fingers crossed everything will be ok he is now in for some serious TLC from the OH  ::-) I'll post up some after pictures as well :thumbsup:


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Re: Bloody Horses, warning a bit gory
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Poor hoss. GWS.

Re: Bloody Horses, warning a bit gory
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Looks nasty, but hopefully (from the photo) doesn't look too deep. Fingers crossed for you.

A friend of mine had a horse that had the most awful deep cut from a fence in it's shoulder, it's amazing how they can sometimes heal up without any ill effects.  It took a long time to completely disappear though.

The horse went on to win Chepstow 3 Day CCI (International Novice) :thumbsup:
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Re: Bloody Horses, warning a bit gory
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Ouchy!  Fingers crossed that it's not joint capsule and that he heals quickly and without too much complication!

There are weeks when I wonder wtf I'm doing with my bigger four-legged baby...especially when he colicked twice in 72 hours a few weeks ago!  But then days like today when I wouldn't have made it through without him...bless their hearts, they do worm their way into your heart!  And your!

Re: Bloody Horses, warning a bit gory
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4 days on and the swelling has started to go down, he's also becoming a bit of a handful to walk out now, can't take any pictures has most of the leg is strapped up, while at the vets they managed to get a whole index finger in to the wound, that's how they determined the joint capsule was intact, lucky it was plain wire not barbed,