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MiL had some transplanted from the forest. They were small, dark and delicious. I remember that from the time we first showed them to our son, when he was about 15 months maybe, he continually wanted to visit that part of the garden. Didn't stop until there was snow on the ground.
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The ones I liked best had ripened in the shade; they were juicier.

When I was a kid we had a dog that would pull off the raspberry flesh and leave the hull hanging on the cane.  I got the blame, and scolded for lying about it into the bargain, until one of my parents saw it happen.  Apologies? Forget it.

Every dog we've had has done that with blackberries, but never raspberries.
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We found a couple of cherry trees at the weekend. We must have ate a metric tonne. A complete antidote to the anodyne cherries we've been buying.
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