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Re: Which is the best mattress for cycle camping?
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Our Exped DownMats (new in May 2012 to replace our first set) have started to fail again - small amounts of feathers flying out with each deflation. I contacted Exped USA, who are based up the road in Washington, and they've agreed to replace them immediately, even before seeing them. And they've sent us a pre-paid FedEx label to cover the cost of postage. Their customer service is outstanding. It's a shame their mats aren't as durable as we'd hope. Hey ho, let's see how Exped DownMats Mark III stand up to the job Down Under. If this set fail, it may be time to consider less comfortable, more durable alternatives. (Scary thought.)
Update: my new (Mark III) Downmat started to fail about a month ago. It deflated completely during the night and we narrowed the leak down to the inflation valve, which was ever so slightly deformed in the plastic around the seal. There also seems to be something Not Quite Right with the built-in inflation pad as it shouldn't allow the air to escape in that direction in the first place. Woolly managed to botch a patch with a small section of the fabric patches provided by DownMat (we have loads of the things given the number of mats we've gone through) and it's now staying up, as it were. But it's not very impressive. I've not told DownMat yet.

I shall be investigating the Thermarest X-Therm when we're back!

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Re: Which is the best mattress for cycle camping?
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