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Bats in the house
« on: October 14, 2012, 09:53:35 am »
I'm beginning to suspect we have bats in the house.
Got home from an evening out last night to find one zooming around the new extension area.

That's the second time in a few weeks.
The extenesion area has big doors which I used to let it out, but they had not been open yesterday due to the heavy rain, so it didn't come in that way.

I'm suspecting they are in a roof void-space, because these is some concealed lighting on high up shelf type things in the extension area, and inspection reveals several openings for wires etc into the roof void-space.   I think they have gotten into the living space through these openings.   It's the only possible way in I can see.

I will probably have to block up access into the living space, and leave them be in the void space.

Re: Bats in the house
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You probably know this already, but there are some very tight regulations protecting bats.  Check what you're allowed to do first.
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Re: Bats in the house
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....and delete this thread  ;D


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Re: Bats in the house
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I've already blocked up the holes where they may have come into the living-space.
I don't think those are their principal means of entry or egress from their roost, if in fact it is a roost.
And I don't think they particularly want to come in here, either.

I'm not even certain they are roosting in there; they may just have gotten into the space, and been looking for a way out.

Anyways, they are welcome to come and go as they please to the ouside world ( there are several openings in the soffits etc to outside, which is how they would have gotten in there in the first place ).