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Your house rules
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O.oh do tell more!

One of the most powerful steam irons in the world. Teutonic. Powerful. Deadly and unstoppable in it's assault on creased fabric. Black and grey TACTICAL colour scheme helps you stay camouflaged when ironing in covert situations. Palladium Ceramic soleplate keeps the telltale noise down and lets the iron glide straight and true over your shirts, like a sniper's bullet towards a bad guy. Red heating light preserves your night vision. 3m long lead lets you pick the best position to carry out your ironing and keep your eyes on target - the TV, or bad guys. 120 g/min shot of steam provides cover for tactical withdrawal, or razor sharp creases. Your choice, but it's nice to know you've got options.

 :P :D

ETA A photo of the iron in it's woodland cammo guise.