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Maybe this will et a thread of its own at some stage, but it appears that Wales have beaten Hungary 2 - 0 in fupbol and have qualified for the European Championships.

Pity that they won't be able to play because of Brexit. ;)
We'll still be part of UEFA. The boundaries are somewhat fuzzy, Israel are also a member! :)

I know. Tongue in cheek. But I wonder how "Football Lads for Democracy" (aka Twattish Thugs) see this?
They wouldn't want to lose their opportunity to go abroad, get drunk and throw chairs around surely?

Just wait till they need a visa to travel to watch a rugby match in France or Italy ...

Particularly if the drunken loutish behaviour at a football match results in record which prevents approval.  :demon:

Yes, and european club matches, next games in three weeks, tickets go on sale in a week, visa takes four...

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Isn't there a proposal for some scheme akin to an ESTA for post-Brexit BRITONS to travel to Europe?  I'm sure I remember the Daily Fail frothing at the mouth over it: How very dare those arrogant FOREIGNS charge us to visit their benighted countries, probably with a gratuitous reference to D-Day thrown in.
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I don't follow football especially - not to watch it at any rate - but I do take some interest in the results.

I thought today's match between Newcastle and Man City was noteworthy. If you don't want to know the result, don't click!

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I'd call it a good result for Liverpool.
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I understand that the FA were investigating the possibility of playing an England game at Anfield. One of their conditions was that Sun journalists would be at the game. Liverpool FC told them where to go.

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