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Mayor of the 8e Arrondissement of Paris after the Algerian football team reached the final of the Coupe d'Affrique and their supporters in Paris converged on the Champs Elysées:

"It's not normal to celebrate your team winning with petrol bombs and a chain saw".
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I don't follow sport but this young lass is amazeballs!


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In the pub, they are watching Liverpool  v Chelsea in something called 'The Super Cup'. (No. I've no idea either)
I've noticed that all three officials are women.  Is that a common thing these days?
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The UEFA Super Cup is between the winners of the Champions League and the Europa League. It's been going 44 years in various forms. Prior to the Europa League it was between the winners of the Champions League (ex: European Cup) and the UEFA Cup Winner's Cup (which preceded the Europa League).

It's the first time a female has officiated in the final of a UEFA men's competition.
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So, a sort of European Charity Shield without the Charity.  Or the Shield.
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Not that many Europeans, either.


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The mighty Furryboottoon AFC won it recently*.

*FCVO recently.