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Zen on the Mysore Road
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This a blog of an Indian rider's progress in riding Bangalore to Mysore and back, about 90 miles each way, under ten hours. Not tech stuff, more about the random cyclists he rides and trains with, the roadside dhabas he eats at, and so on. I don't know whether it's interesting to anyone else, I like the photos though! Also curious to compare with how you might go about a similar ride in Britain - he takes the main highway the whole way and probably has different priorities regarding equipment:
Now it was a different story, the first stop was at Mandya. A good few minutes break when about to start, I saw Amith's saddle bag and asked him, are you carrying puncture kit in it (this question after completing close to 200 To my shock he says NO, feel like shooting him then and their itself, neither I was carrying gun nor puncture kit....hehehe.  Next biggest surprise was, what is in it, he said, "T-shirt" man I was in COMA almost.
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