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Lost partition
« on: February 21, 2013, 01:18:55 pm »
I've installed Xubuntu on my machine at home, using custom settings so that I didn't lose all my documents, settings and other goodies.

It worked fine, but then possibly due to installing Nvidia drivers for the monitor, froze at the Grub screen. And I couldn't see the the 500GB disc that mounted to /home. Booting from a live CD a running TestDisk allowed me to recreate the file table and see the contents of the disc once more.

I then reinstalled and all seemed OK. But it won't let me see the contents of the 500GB disc, throwing up an I/O error.  If I boot from a live cd I can mount the disc and see the top two folders (lost+found and tim). tim contains documents, settings etc and should mount to /home. But I can't see below that level, getting an I/O error again.

Running TestDisk shows no partition and gives me the option to Add a new one or load back up. Load back up then says no backup found.

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