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Mind Bombed
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One of my favourite albums is "Mind Bomb" by "The The" released in 1989.   It's a stonking record, featuring Matt Johnson's bitter lyrics & Johnny Marr's superb guitar work.

One of the most striking things about the album is the rear cover, a white dove of peace, impaled on a bayonet.  I've always thought it tied in perfectly with the ideas expressed in the music and assumed it was an image dreamed up by the record company..

Walking around Tate Modern last week I found the original.....

This was a front cover from A-I-Z magazine by the photomontagist John Heartfield . It's called The Meaning of Geneva, Where Capital Lives, There Can Be No Peace (AIZ, Berlin, November 27, 1932),and shows the dove of peace impaled on a blood-soaked bayonet in front of the League of Nations, where the cross of the Swiss flag has morphed into a swastika. This issue reported on the violent suppression of demonstrators in Geneva, where fifteen anti-Fascist demonstrators were killed.

There is an entire room full of Heartfield's anti nazi images in Tate's "Poetry & Dream" section and they are well worth a look.
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Re: Mind Bombed
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Heartfield is one of my favourite artists, and I used to do photomontages, inspired by him and Peter Kennard.
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