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Nordisk Telemark 2 tent- ultralightweight 1kg
« on: July 06, 2013, 08:53:40 pm »
This is sold as weighing 950g for a 1+1 tent.

Like everything else this needs 2 very good friends and I weighed it in at 1kg with 4 pegs and 1 guy rope.
Otherwise its an excellent tent for bike touring alone with some reservations about durability and ventilation.
Its a single hoop design with 2 stretchers at either end to help reduce sagging at the feet and head. This works pretty well unless the material is wet and its very quick to erect but this is true of all tents of this design.
Compared to my old Macpac (more than 2x the weight) its quite a flimsy material that needs care but it works and the tent survived snow in Switzerland, Tstorms in France and a heatwave in the Dolomites during a 4 week tour in June 2013.
The floor is waterproof but thin and was punctured by a thorn or flint in one place.
Its a warm little tent which is good but there is only a small mesh insert in the inner about A4 size which led to condensation on most nights which I eventually learnt to mostly overcome with open zips on both layers which would not be a good solution for a Scottish summer.
Porch is adequate for 2 panniers of kit but needs a lot of care if used for cooking.
Length is good and width is excellent. Headroom ok for me at 5'7" but only just.
Price = £300 from (excellent service in my experience too)
Conclusions. Good tent for bike touring, I hope it lasts.
Photo shows the one sided door open