Author Topic: Cutting guide for a 1" threaded steerer in the Oxford/ Aylesbury area?  (Read 331 times)

I need to trim a 1" threaded steerer tube due to damage (and fit a lower stack height headset)

Does anyone in the Oxford / Aylesbury / Milton Keynes / Reading area (ish) have a cutting guide for a 1" threaded steerer tube that I could use please?

Not an urgent request, just planning ahead...

Thanks all.
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Granny and eggs etc., but before you cut thread on a spare nut - it'll help re-form the ends of the threads after cutting, though it'll still need filing clean after.

EDIT - a couple of nuts would, if locked against each other, provide an adequate one-sided guide of course.

I've never used a guide, but I've only ever cut unthreaded steerers. Many folk swear by a heavy duty jubilee clip as a guide, and a fine bladed hacksaw.  A pipe cutter would, I fear, tend to follow the thread. A good sized vice could also be used as a cutting guide.
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