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Vulpine cotton rain jacket
« on: August 29, 2013, 10:08:03 pm »

(Apparently due back in stock "in the next few days")

This jacket is an extravagant (birthday-present-money) guilty pleasure.

I've had mine since March, and bought it not only as an on-the-bike top layer, but doubling-up as practical and "civilian"-looking jacket to wear over cycling kit on the (bike-pushing) school-run without scaring the other parents  :-[ ::-) ;)

It's brilliant.  I confess to a Ventile-bereft bent for waterproof cotton - but the fabric does exactly what it's cracked up to do.  The cut is excellent. The arms are long and cuffs cut with a slight curve out over the back of the wrist, and so give good coverage on the bike.  The "stylish casual cut, influenced by British and military tailoring" is also very flattering off the bike - big  :thumbsup: from Dr RJ.

Pockets are secure, if few; and there are subtle reflectives, including the insides of the cuffs, which can be rolled back over a fleecy "sub-cuff" (not sure what else to call it), giving switchable on-off after dark signalling viz, without compromising daytime civvie-ness, or wrist warmth.

My only gripe is with the magnetic "fastening" for the rear splash-flap.  The flap itself is fine (bright red, with good reflectives) - but the magnets on my version didn't keep it in place when stowed away.  Easily rectified by careful placement of a large press-stud, but slightly annoying on a jacket costing that much.

How much?  Nearly 200 of your English  ;) pounds, which is a lot of money.  However, if the fabric lasts as well as that on my long-lamented Ventile hill/fieldwork jacket (10 years very hard almost daily wear), I reckon it'll be money well spent.

The only other thing to add (probably) is that it's not particularly weight-weenie lightweight or packable - but then that's not really the point.  Club-runners and audaxers might want to look elsewhere, at least for those activities.  But as a genuinely multi-purpose jacket that does not compromise on cycling performance, I think this is a tough act to beat.

Recommended, if pricey.