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I was riding away from the lights and the young lad on the outside of me cuts across me :o :hand: he was inches away from me knocking him off his cheap bso . At least he stopped at the lights  ::-)
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Me. Drafting a bus along Edge Lane, I knew he'd be stopping as we approached Wilbraham Road so began to pull out to pass, what I'd forgot about was the traffic island. Feck me it was tight  :-[

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Me!! Last light before work got changed, so that the right turn lane has it's own light (and no right turn on red!) along with a separate light for the cyclist+pedestrians.
I've often turned into angry shouting man when cars ignored the red light, yet today I happily started riding across when the cars got green and it was still red for me.
The car turning right justifiably honked angrily at me, but all I could do at that point was a sad apologetic wave.


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Static DOTD for me.  Crowded train, second cyclist gets on, checks where I'm getting off, says 'That's OK', then leaves bike leaning on mine.  Not normally a problem.  But, when more people got on, and we got to my station, it was a little annoying to me and the other passengers for me to have to disentangle a bike from behind a a full-susser BSO in a crowded lobby.  This sort of wazzock gets cyclists a bad name >:(
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A mountain bike rider who cut me up as I was climbing up the canal bridge causing me to brake hard to avoid a collision . I was towing a trailer load of shopping and lost all my momentum  >:(
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Me last night.

Off to the pub after work to meet up with friends who had been MTBing. Going up a moderately steep hill (up from Dean Lane End to Forestside for those locals who might know it).

Dropped the chain off granny ring. Spun the pedals a couple of times before realising what was going on. Unclipped on the left and toppled gently over to the right.

Heard car coming round the corner behind me. Immediate thought was "I'd better get up so that (a) I don't get run over and (b) I don't let down the cycling fraternity by giving the impression that this is a normal state for a cyclist in the dark on a country lane".

As I subsequently sorted myself out, steamed up glasses meant that when I got going I nearly cycled straight off the side of the lane, only narrowly avoided even more embarrassment.

Just glad it was dark and no witnesses.

Got to the pub though!


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When the man is proceeding round the roundabout with flashy blinken lighten, don' t try and ride across in front of him  :facepalm:

Amazing how fast you can sprint given need...

Sorry fella.
I'd offer you some moral support - but I have questionable morals.


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The idiot on Ampthill Road in the 7 o'clock half-light, with no lights, in the gutter, on the wrong side of the road, with his hands in his pockets. ??? :facepalm: ::-)


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Fuckwit onna folding bike this morning. Me.

Motorist hooting as they passed. Me waving and thinking "who's that?" I hadn't switched my rear-light on, had I.  :facepalm:

Mind you.I could claim it's a safety measure. Go on any motoring forum and they're all moaning about how they keep seeing cyclists with no lights...

It's only when you've got your lights switched on and you're covered in reflective gear that they run into you, get out of the car, and say "sorry mate, I didn't see you"*  ::-)

Please don't ask how I know that - my left shoulder still twinges in cold damp weather. :(

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The guy on the A607 near Brooksby at 7am, racing bike, no rear light and dark gear. He’ll probably report it as a close pass.


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A little before 10 this morning, the fluorescent, entitled cockwomble on the shared use pavement on Tunnel Avenue, SE10 - the bit that's part of the Thames Path diversion.

Picking exactly the moment when he couldn't pass - trees to the left of me, wall to the right, room in the middle for me - he came up behind and DING! DING! DING! DING!

I turned to find him looming over me and looking pissed off - a bit startled, I tried "Don't be so aggressive."

"You can't call a bell aggressive," quoth he.

Funnily enough, arsehole, I can. And I did. Because it was, and so was coming right up behind me when you couldn't fucking pass unless I dematerialised, or a tree did.

Next time, if you want to go at that sort of speed and not be interrupted by pesky pedestrians, how about using the road?

That bit's a dead end (except for an occasional bus), so there's usually almost no traffic. And unlike the pavement, the road isn't interrupted every few yards by entrances to light industrial units.

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It might have been me...but at least it made 2 of us.
Favourite corner, which has a separate lane and light for turning right. (Light is oft ignored).  3 cars indicating to get into that right lane and 2 make it through before light changes...but before that, the 3rd car (A BMW, of course), is freaking out on the horn, clearly in a hurry and starts gesticulating and flipping the bird at the cars who are now long gone.
 I wave at the driver with a big grin on my face and he starts hopping in his seat, gesticulating even more, turning rather red in face. (Passenger looking very depressed). As I roll over the intersection (which is now green for cyclist), I change my wave to a finger and laugh out loud as he's now stomping on his horn.
Yeah, unnecessary, but it was fun to watch him explode.

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Main high street cross roads in busy market town centre. Spaced out prat in hoody and face mask undertaking bicycle wheelies in centre of junction. Complete and utter knob.
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20 mph limit.
I'm in the car.
Wide cycle lanes on either side to the extent that if you were to meet another car, at least of of you would have to enter the cycle lane to pass.
Person on bike coming towards me, in the middle of the road. Sees me, and, instead of going to their left and using the cycle lane, goes to their right as if to pass me on the wrong side, then hops up onto the pavement.
Male, mid-late 20s.
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Was approaching two stout oncoming peds on the shared use path.  Also approaching them from behind was another cyclist, rather fast I thought although there was just enough space for them to get by.  I assumed I'd have to slow and wait but the peds, unasked, very kindly moved smartly to one side straight into the path of the other cyclist.  Luckily it wasn't Mr Alliston and she was able to brake rather hard.   Investment in bell-training needed, I'd say. The peds thought it was hilarious! 
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I'm in my car, turning left into a 1 way street, but a bin lorry is there, so I have to wait. I'm just inching forwards to complete my turn when a cyclist comes up the 1 way street, squeezes through the small gap between me and the parked car and then stops behind the bin lorry. Wasn't a student - seemed like a professional type riding a hybrid with lid, lights, high vis vest etc.
When the bin lorry moved to the side, she rode to the end of the road (T junction) and turned left without stopping or even slowing down - inches away from the side of a council transit pickup that had been driving along the main road in a queue of traffic. I don't think there's a painted cycle lane there, but I wouldn't be riding in it if there were - too much traffic and slow moving.
A minor miscalculation in the first manoeuvre results in her hitting a vehicle (mine or the parked one) and sliding into the back of the bin lorry, a minor miscalculation in the latter puts her under the back wheels of the transit. There's still snow and ice on the road. Why?