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Union34 Capital Jacket
« on: December 30, 2013, 12:11:49 pm »
This jacket oozes quality - mind you at the RRP of a tad under £200 it ought to. Rutland cycling sell U34 stuff well below the proper price.
I've worn this more off the bike than on tbh mainly because it is a very smart, very comfortable jacket. I've not tested its waterproof claims but the material 'feels' waterproof, as well as feeling very nice to the touch! It's a generous cut, probably aimed at going over a wooly, but the arms are a decent length for cycling and there's a sort of semi-dropped back which means that you don't feel a chill round your ass.
I can see it being too warm for late spring / summer riding despite the claims for the magic fabric it's made of - which is also claimed to be stretchy, not that I've noticed that.
The front closure is a full length good quality zip with a storm flap over - this has three poppers which might be helpful in temperature regulation. There are also armpit zips.
There are lots of external pockets ( but no internal pockets) which are all small, yes you can get a well stuffed wallet in them, but not a lot more - the patch pockets with the button closures are the biggest.
I suppose this is a modern take on the traditional 'Greenspot' jacket - it can be worn around town, and then taken off for a bit of weekend touring, except that if you are an old fashioned map sort of bloke then there's nowhere that will hold your map!
I wonder if their (slightly) cheaper Meridan jacket is more the touring equivalent?
To complain hat it's only available in black is to rather miss the point of this jacket - it's for the de-lycrafied bike geek who appreciates a bit of quality.
One thing missing is a hanging loop.
I love this jacket, which would be perfect with bigger pockets, and a hanging loop!
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