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cheap Garmin spine mounts
« on: 21 February, 2014, 07:17:38 pm »
A thread about these has just been deleted.  So apparently it's not thought to be useful knowledge, that cheap poor-quality 'Garmin' Oregon/E30 etc mounts are out there.  It was news to me.

I received two through the post today, they cost £4.99 each via Amazon.  (I should have scrolled down to the reviews  :facepalm: )
They are not in Garmin packaging and don't have 'Garmin' marked on them anywhere, and they are a loose fit for the E30, loose enough to allow the dreaded rattle and the latch doesn't engage properly.  Proper Garmin mounts are a much tighter fit and tend to cost quite a lot more.  Overpriced certainly, but these cheap ones are to be avoided - NB these may not be the only suppliers.
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Re: cheap Garmin spine mounts
« Reply #1 on: 23 February, 2014, 11:45:53 am »
Worth knowing, thanks. I've used 3rd party mounts for my Edge before and they've been OK, so that's a bit disappointing.

As a matter of interest, how long do you find the Garmin mounts last?


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Re: cheap Garmin spine mounts
« Reply #2 on: 23 February, 2014, 12:07:43 pm »
I got a couple back in October (been meaning to write a review - sorry). Can't remember where from but they were £1.99 a go.

One is at least as tight as my official garmin one, the other was very loose, but works fine after fitting a couple layers of black duct tape to it.

On the whole I've found all the mounts are capable, but the non-genuine ones have much larger manufacturing tolerances
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Re: cheap Garmin spine mounts
« Reply #3 on: 23 February, 2014, 03:50:04 pm »
thanks for the caution frankie..

Agree totally that the Garmin mounts are scandalously over priced for a bit of plastic (I have three for the Etrex20) but they are very good. I have total confidence in them - never bother with any extra security.