Author Topic: Parking at Eureka Rides---April 26 2014  (Read 337 times)


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Parking at Eureka Rides---April 26 2014
« on: April 12, 2014, 02:19:13 pm »
We have been blessed with a fairly substantial entry (capped at 50/ride) which is putting a bit of pressure on Parking spaces for these 3 rides.
Thus, if you can share a car or ride to the Eureka Café on the day, it would be helpful. (Quite understand this could be tricky for 200k riders---we should have no problem accommodating you).
We have provided 20 spaces for riders on the 60k Twirl only at The Yacht PH, some 1km south of Eureka Café on the A540.
If the car park fills up, we can direct you to some suitable parking in nearby lanes, but are hoping that won't be necessary.
Thanks for your understanding
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