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Look at my red trousers
« on: June 15, 2014, 04:36:07 pm »
I have a confession to make. I was in TKMaxx just before Xmas and found myself drawn to the rack of unsaleable burgundy, stawberry, claret,  ruby, cerise, and other shaded trousers. I fear it may be something to do with age as I have also had a yearning to wear linen lately.
I regret I succumbed to a pair of crushed peach trousers, which while not red per se are undeniably RT in truest essence.
Worse I have taken to wearing them, at first in the relative privacy of family gatherings but more recently in the full glare of the public eye, plus sports jacket. I have sauntered, possibly even swaggered a bit, along the Chiswick High Road, into Carvossos. This being a renowned haunt of the swinging divorcee community, where I found my trousers combo highly effective.
Instead of a pint I found myself quaffing house red with gusto and adopting an uncharacteristic 'ding dong' lilt,  as I perused the hansome ladies of the borough.

I say....