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Geraint Thomas yoghurt
« on: July 27, 2014, 07:47:20 pm »
Seems the Welsh bikie is a "yoghurt fanatic" and he's got got together with posh yoghurt company The Great Dairy Collective to have a special, "limited edition" of his apparently favourite flavour of yoghurt made. It's creme brulee, so presumably he's a creme brulee fan too. Like their other flavours, when you open the tub, you see a sweet but plainish yoghurt with large blobs of flavoured stuff, which you can mix in, or not, as you prefer. This one is, really, too sweet. Nice enough but not as good as their passion-fruit flavour (which is also a bit sweet, but in a better way). It is, however, just the ticket when you get in tired, late at night, from a laid-back hundred miler.

On sale in your local co-op right now.
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