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At a loose end on October 5th...
« on: 11 September, 2014, 11:25:53 pm »
This is a shameless plug for my first foray into the world of TT promotion.  I've taken over the organisation of the long-running Lewes Wanderers Gents' GP and, with a grand total of four entries (including my own!) thus far, I'm hoping to drum up a bit of interest.  For those unfamiliar with the format, it's a two up TT with the cunning twist that at least one of the two must be a vet and must be towed round the course (no sneaky turns on the front...).  It's run over a reasonably sporting 18 mile course (no DC, but includes some fairly busy A-road) in East Sussex - link here

There are no local G-course clashes, and entry is fine by post  or internet (  I'll accept postal entries up until the Saturday before the event.  Prize money is obviously dependent on entries, but I'll do my best to plough as much of the proceeds as possible into the pot, and to spread it out a bit - best family team, best all female team, best mixed etc etc

So if you're old(ish), or know someone who is, and fancy something a little bit different to warm down for the end of the season, or warm up for the hill climbs, please give it a go!  Those new to TTing are particularly welcome.  Feel free to post any questions here, or PM me.