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Work's meals and parties - do we have to..?
« on: October 01, 2008, 12:59:44 pm »

...starts off in the staffroom.  Beers and whisky chasers, all supplied by the Head.  Move on to the pub down the bottom of the school drive.  More beer, more whisky... this time paid for by the Deputy. Adjourn to the curry house. All snouts in the trough for an hour or two, washed down with pissy lager.  Tab picked up by the bursar  ;)  Back to pub.  Flaming sambuccas etc and the first puking by the younger members of staff.  Group moves off to very downmarket version of Spearmint Rhino. Head of Geography always absconds with one of the eastern european dancing ladies.  Group fragments.  Younger members of staff go home.  Oldies go back to head of history's flat. Out come the drugs.  Seemingly endless lines of coke, some of them off the cookery teacher's ample tits. Much playing of Smokie albums. Declan, the geordie geography teacher strips off to his cowboy boots and goes 'for a walk'.  Some singing and the possibility of a scuffle. Head of RE breaks out his crack pipe and foists it on anyone who shows an interest. Manager of Costcutter under history teacher's flat bangs on door to complain about the noise.

Party ends.