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Re: Stolen
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Sad to report that my son's Giant Boulder (black, small, rack and marathon tyres so not usual for an MTB) was lifted from outside the bank in Lochee today. Police have been on the case, it is covered by CCTV.
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Re: Stolen
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Stolen in York: two friends' LHTs.  See here for more info.


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Re: Stolen
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Felt Z70 2008 54cm

Stolen from The Compasses pub in Littley Green, Essex lunchtime 27th March.

Details here

With the bags and saddle that were attached when stolen:-

One downtube barrel adjuster is broken:-

There's a few scratches and scrapes from crashes:-

Alloy frame (smooth welds) and carbon fork:-

Frame number is WR8J01296

PD-M540 pedals:-

An earlier picture with a different saddle showing the mis-matched gear cables (rear is a grey Dura Ace cable, front is the stock black Felt cable):-

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Stolen from Hassocks - 2012 16 inch On One Inbred. Specialized saddle, Marzzochi Bomber forks and one heart broken owner. How am I going to do the SDW this summer now?

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Bummer. Any pics ?  When were you planning to do the SDW ?  I'm guessing that a 21" Orange O2 would be too big for you ?  Would be happy to lend it if it fits and the dates work for me.
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The only photo I've got of it is a night time shot at the top of the tank tracks - I had the bike just a few weeks. Bloody Hell Fire! it wouldn't have happened in Hurst you know.
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Another York theft >:(

Walter Angerer and his wife were visiting York from Munich, when the ['Lepierre'] bikes were cut from a secure carrier on their car overnight on Saturday.

Easily recognisable?
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Merida TFS100 looking like this, but without the luggage, obviously. From Bristol.
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With the current trend of Chavs biking around city centres, i would think it is highly likely the bikes will be dumped somewhere.

Better to forget and claim on insurance.
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22 Cube MTBs stolen from pedal-a-bike-away in the Forest of Dean.  Scroll down a bit for photos.
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Re: Stolen
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160 Stolen Bikes found in Oxford . . .

Well that's the more blunt way of putting it but as usual he's dead right.

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Guessing this is someone with a grudge against students.  Inspector Morse to the ghost-phone, please.


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Where do we talk stolen bikes? Here's one anyway.
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I'll move if there is a more appropriate location

Blood boils.


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89 year olds bike stolen - but replaced by locals
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Brompton in car camouflage
« Reply #40 on: July 13, 2017, 07:17:15 am »
12/ 13th July 2017
Coventry area
Brompton stolen.
It is very distinctive as the white frame has been entirely covered in the black and white camouflage used for prototype cars.

Other detail are 3 speed SA gears, rear rack, front hub dynamo lights and front carrier fitting.
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Re: Stolen
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In sunny ipswich, 4:50pm 1/9/17 ouitside brunswick road co-op, I left it outside the co-op once too often it seems:
my fixie
the only sit up and beg fixie I have ever seen
short cranks (155mm)
rack front (alu, nomrod with shelf) and rear (black sjsc 60kg one)
non-matching mudguards with flaps of shampoo bottle (front) and lime green toilet duck (rear)
lightbottle rack on handlebars - was black, fading to bronze and metallic)
bars are north all rounder, chrome
front brake only, empty lever for rear brake
rusty bottom bracket and chain stays
step through frame
home made wheels
double sided pedals, toe strap on left pedal only
nurse's lock

cable lock was cast aside at the end of Khartoum Road, I found it the next morning.

I did all my fixed audaxes on it, and it's my runaround - hence rear rack rating, I used to cart the little dears around on it, when it had bmx pegs on it.

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Re: Stolen
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Horsham police have a probably stolen TT style bike, a HAIBIKE soot job.
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