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Fireblight advice please.
« on: May 08, 2015, 09:06:14 pm »
Any horticulterist types around?

Planted 3 year old Sorbus Aria Lutescens (whitebeam) whip  last autumn, which is now in leaf. Gorgeous. I obtained it from a commercial nursery. To my dismay it appears to have a fireblight infection with quite a few leaves dying, characteristically turning dark brown/black. This has really hacked me off given it has only been in leaf five minutes. What are the odds if I replace the tree of another becoming similarly infected?

There is not enough of the new tree to prune affected branches as recommended.
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Re: Fireblight advice please.
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My other half, RHS-trained, suggests checking what other trees are nearby as it could have been infected by them.  Hawthorn carries fireblight. Any of those around?   But – could also have been infected before you bought it.  No cure except prune or replace.