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Numb toe
« on: May 09, 2015, 10:12:41 pm »
Good evening all.

I keep getting a numb toe in my left foot. I used it as a good excuse to buy some new shoes today but the same thing started happening again on their maiden voyage. I noticed that almost all pressure through the pedal stroke is through the ball of my foot and that's made me think that I need to get some cleat wedges to tilt my foot.

Does this sound about right? And if so, for some reason I can't get it in my head as to whether I need to add more to cleat stack to the outer or the inner of my foot to resolve it.

Any advice is appreciated.


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Re: Numb toe
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I don't know which toe goes numb.
I've not seen your foot obviously.

One reason toes go numb is that the nerves serving the toes get pinched between the 'knuckles' of the metatarsal heads.

A Metatarsal arch support can help this.

Some people develop a swelling on the nerve, which need surgical treatment.

You might be best seeing a podiatrist or your GP.

Giving advice over the net is not the best way to manage foot trouble!

Re: Numb toe
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Sorry I thought I'd mentioned it. It's my big toe.

I know web diagnosis isn't the best thing but I was thinking that shims/wedges might be a quick and cheap thing to check whilst I get churned through the wheels of the NHS.  It happens the most in road SPD shoes (with Look Keos), less with MTB SPD and not really at all with normal shoes/trainers on flat pedals though now I've picked up on it I am aware of pushing with that part.

You're very right about visiting the professionals as to add to the mix I'm diabetic so I have to be extra careful with my pinkies.

Thank you,


Re: Numb toe
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Good luck - even with Specilized's insoles with their metatarsal "button" I get numb toes every time I cycle  :-\
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Re: Numb toe
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It's free if you are diabetic.
Numbness can make you unaware of other foot problems.
Keep a very beady eye on your feet!

Re: Numb toe
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I'll book an appointment tomorrow.  :thumbsup:

Out of impatience I went to a Specialized concept store and tried their magic colour changing footbed thingamagig and walked away with some medium support insoles.  They have improved matters a little but I think I should have gone for the higher support ones.

I'll leave it be now until the professionals can ply their trade.  At £20 a pop I can't afford to keep trying insoles!


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Re: Numb toe
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Foot comfort on long rides is worth considerably more than that. As is the comfort of all the other parts.
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