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Excellent FarmShop discovered
« on: May 18, 2015, 01:57:42 pm »
Over the weekend we discovered Stanedge Grange Butchery. Newhaven, Buxton.

We samples a "Gold Medal" pork pie which was as good as a pork pie gets and beats the ones from Melton Mobray into a cocked hat.

Also we treated ourselves to a sirloin roast and it was truly melt in the mouth. Not cheap mind, but very much value for money.

Highly recommended. And our Whippets vote yes too!

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Re: Excellent FarmShop discovered
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In the same vein, we quite liked Darts Farm farm shop near Exmouth. Lots of locally produced veg, a good deli counter and a selection of breads/rolls. Plus a butcher that also runs butchery classes. And a surprisingly upmarket wine selection.
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Re: Excellent FarmShop discovered
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I'm off to the East Mids CTC rally near Loughborough at the w/e. We are bound to stop in Melton Mowbray at sometime. I may treat myself to a Pork Pie.