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Re: Today's SPAM
« Reply #200 on: October 24, 2018, 08:37:48 pm »
I think such a video would only improve my social standing :D

I'm getting a number that look like this...

Final Warning

I'm writing you further to my letter, relateing to the overdue invoice as detailed above.

The amount of £12,481.73 is still outstanding on your account. If the full amount is not received within fourteen days the EY will have no alternative but to commence legal proceesings through the County Court.

I have enclosed a copy of the invoice for your reference, you can download / view using this link :

I'm really worried about legal proceesings - what should I do.
Yours worriedly


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Re: Today's SPAM
« Reply #201 on: October 24, 2018, 08:56:18 pm »
I mentioned this on another thread but it probably belongs here.
This is the second one of these I've received.
xxxxxx is yo‌ur pa‌ss. L‌ets g‌et ri‌ght to poi‌nt. No‌t a si‌ngl‌e p‌erso‌n has pa‌i‌d me to‌ ch‌eck yo‌u. You do‌ not kno‌w m‌e a‌nd you'r‌e pro‌bably wo‌nd‌ering why you a‌r‌e g‌etti‌ng thi‌s ema‌i‌l?

So I got my first one of these a couple of weeks back. It had an email address, and password combination I've used, but I couldn't remember when I last used that combo (I give every site a different email address). Turns out, it was live journal. And scarily, despite thinking I had deleted the account a decade or so ago, it was still there. Thanks to this password reminder I was able to login and delete my livejournal. I can see a lot of people falling for this one. I'm glad that I have some tape over my webcams so that there can be no footage of me watching videos of pretty bikes on gootube...

I've since had half a dozen or so similar emails with various wordings, but all include the same email address, and the same password. Dunno which would be more embarrassing, releasing a video of me watching youtube, or releasing my live journal posts from when I was at uni...

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Re: Today's SPAM
« Reply #202 on: October 24, 2018, 09:05:31 pm »
Here is another

Good day adobe,
Your customer asked me to pickup some goods from your company.
Here find the attached invoice he sent me with the corresponding PO.
I am his forwarder,

What is the best time to visit your office tomorrow for collection?
Thank you,
Warehouse Department

In this case the attached invoice is called document_4762_pdf.iso - in other words a disk image that if opened will presumably run a payload.

Re: Today's SPAM
« Reply #203 on: October 24, 2018, 09:11:31 pm »
We had one of the you've been recorded viewing emails to our info one at work. Nothing remarkable but the term "hand party" made us all laugh

We also had a genuine email finished with "have a weekend"


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Re: Today's SPAM
« Reply #204 on: October 25, 2018, 08:22:58 pm »
Final Message for __FIRST_NAME__ __LAST_NAME__

Hello Jaded
This information is for our potential winders!

We are pleased to inform you that you are one of the participants in our final draw to win a Tesco voucher worth 1,000GBP!

Don't miss this chance and click below to confirm your details and claim your spot in the finl draw. If you don't use the opportunity, your spot will be passed on to a different receipient of this newsletter.
(This offer is valid for the next 7 days)

We are happy to offer you this opportunity and wish you good luck!

your Breaking Deals UK Team

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Re: Today's SPAM
« Reply #205 on: October 26, 2018, 07:17:53 pm »
Apparently I have been filmed watching porn.... They want $2900 in bitcoin...

Should I pay it?



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Re: Today's SPAM
« Reply #206 on: October 26, 2018, 07:44:22 pm »
I keep saying that's now how webcams work. They should be paying you. Insist on their credit card details up front.
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Re: Today's SPAM
« Reply #207 on: October 31, 2018, 10:38:21 am »
Welcome Snezhana! *

and her friend Liza, who is already planning for 2021, or living in the past, or went too far putting her clock back.

* I once knew a Snezhana from the former Yugoslavia (so probably written Snježana). I don't think this is the same Snezhana.
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Re: Today's SPAM
« Reply #208 on: November 05, 2018, 11:38:07 am »
I got one in Korean.

That scammer is even dimmer than the one that sent the same message twice in a week.

I forward them to the police; there's an outside chance that enough information will build up to make the bastards identifiable.


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Re: Today's SPAM
« Reply #209 on: November 11, 2018, 12:58:10 pm »

So I got this one this morning:


Dear user of <one of my domains I don't really use>!                                                   
I am a spyware software developer.                                             
Your account has been hacked by me in the summer of 2018.                       
I understand that it is hard to believe, but here is my evidence (I sent you   
this email from your account).                                                 
The hacking was carried out using a hardware vulnerability through which you   
went online (Cisco router, vulnerability CVE-2018-0296).                       
I went around the security system in the router, installed an exploit there.   
When you went online, my exploit downloaded my malicious code (rootkit) to your
This is driver software, I constantly updated it, so your antivirus is silent   
all time.                                                                       
Since then I have been following you (I can connect to your device via the VNC 
That is, I can see absolutely everything that you do, view and download your   
files and any data to yourself.
I also have access to the camera on your device, and I periodically take photos
and videos with you.                                                           
At the moment, I have harvested a solid dirt... on you...                       
I saved all your email and chats from your messangers. I also saved the entire 
history of the sites you visit.                                                 
I note that it is useless to change the passwords. My malware update passwords 
from your accounts every times.                                                 
I know what you like hard funs (adult sites).                                   
Oh, yes .. I'm know your secret life, which you are hiding from everyone.       
Oh my God, what are your like... I saw THIS ... Oh, you dirty naughty person ...
I took photos and videos of your most passionate funs with adult content, and   
synchronized them in real time with the image of your camera.                   
Believe it turned out very high quality!                                       
So, to the business!                                                           
I'm sure you don't want to show these files and visiting history to all your
Transfer $805 to my Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet:                             
Just copy and paste the wallet number when transferring.                       
If you do not know how to do this - ask Google.                                 
My system automatically recognizes the translation.                             
As soon as the specified amount is received, all your data will be destroyed   
from my server, and the rootkit will be automatically removed from your system.
Do not worry, I really will delete everything, since I am 'working' with many   
people who have fallen into your position.                                     
You will only have to inform your provider about the vulnerabilities in the     
router so that other hackers will not use it.                                   
Since opening this letter you have 48 hours.                                   
If funds not will be received, after the specified time has elapsed, the disk of
your device will be formatted,                                                 
and from my server will automatically send email and sms to all your contacts   
with compromising material.       

I advise you to remain prudent and not engage in nonsense (all files on my     
Good luck! 

So this is an interesting one. It's notable for a couple of things:

- It's in surprisingly good English
- It's got a good attempt at technical content, referencing an actual CVE for a genuine vulnerability.
- Other semi plausible technical content - VNC etc...

I did actually get up to check the cisco router, if they got in with this CVE on my cisco they are bloody impressive, as not only did they bridge and air gap, they have hacked a router that is both powered off, and not plugged into a network... Oh and it isn't listed as vulnerable to that CVE.

I've got tape over all the cameras, etc...

But again, I can see this catching a lot of people who don't want to take the risk...

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Re: Today's SPAM
« Reply #210 on: November 15, 2018, 08:47:48 pm »
I got the sames one that quixoticgeek quotes, with the exception that the arsehole wants $841.

Is thi inflation, or is it a sign that this scam isn't very profitable?

Re: Today's SPAM
« Reply #211 on: November 28, 2018, 01:15:21 pm »
Couple of phonecalls with a recorded american voice telling me my BT internet connection is about to be terminated. Press one to pass your bank details to an operative.

FOAD scammer
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